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Policy responses for Albania

1.4 Monitoring and surveillance

In Albania, the WHO definition of COVID-19 (https://www.who.int/docs/default-source/coronaviruse/2020-03-20-surveillance.pdf?sfvrsn=e6be6ef1_2) is used with regard to suspect cases, probable cases, confirmed cases and contacts.

Contact tracing is implemented by surveillance teams in all 12 regions of the country.

The surveillance of COVID-19 is built on the pre-existing respiratory disease surveillance systems:
• the syndromic surveillance system for acute respiratory infections (ILI);
• the hospital-based surveillance of severe acute respiratory infections (SARI);
• the laboratory surveillance system.

A ministerial order was issued to enforce the notification of COVID-19 related cases/probable cases/suspect cases by all health institutions in the country (Order No. 123 of the Minister of Health and Social Protection of 26 February 2020, created as an addition to the existing Order no. 632 dated 29 August 2018: "On the approval of the list of obligatory infectious diseases to be reported by health, public or private institutions of all levels in the Republic of Albania").