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Policy responses for Albania

3.2 Managing cases

There are two channels of contact:
• The toll-free number of the National Emergency Medical Service: 127, 112 (for emergency help)
• The toll-free green line for information on COVID-19: 08004040 (for establishing the contact with the family doctor; for receiving advice on COVID-19; and for receiving clarifications and instructions on the list of reimbursement medicines for patients with NCDs).

There is a triage process for COVID-19 patients. The triage is conducted by the National Emergency Medical Service and managed at the national level. Mild cases are advised to self-isolate at home. Medium and severe cases are transported to the two designated COVID hospitals by the National Emergency Medical Service.

There are specific clinical treatment protocols for patients with COVID-19. Treatment protocols for severe cases in the hospital are different from treatment protocols for mild cases at home. The latter is usually symptomatic treatment.

Treatment protocols for severe cases in the hospital are guided by the accumulated clinical experience in the country and by the clinical experience from other countries. The backbone of the treatment is oxygen support. Other medicines are also used on a case-by-case basis (Hydroxychloroquine, antiretrovirals, tocilizumab).

Albania has confirmed its participation in the international WHO “Solidarity” clinical trial for COVID-19 treatments.