Policy responses for Armenia - HSRM


Policy responses for Armenia

1.4 Monitoring and surveillance

Armenia uses the standard WHO definition of COVID-19, and probable case definitions. National Center of Disease Control and Prevention (NCDC) carries out extensive contract tracing using its trained rapid response teams. WHO guidance is used for case investigation and contact tracing. Mobile phone tracking has been used to support contact tracing. Routine surveillance system of acute respiratory illnesses and pneumonias as well as hospital sentinel surveillance system for severe acute respiratory infection is used for surveillance of COVID. From 14 June, the addresses of some outbreaks have been published to warn neighbourhoods about risks of hanging out in the courtyards and visiting local shops without masks. On 19 June, an interactive map of Armenia was published that shows, with 0-100 metres accuracy, the location of all those people who currently have COVID-19 and are self-isolating [https://covid19-map.armed.am/?fbclid=IwAR1xJqw1Dj440RJGlvtElZgYLkKC_c6rLXPV5DgZM-QWxaLn3XL3wEyOqek ]. On 24 July, the map started to include more data such as the age and gender of the individual and when they tested positive for COVID-19.