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Policy responses for Armenia

4. Paying for services

Adequate funding for health is important to manage the excess demands on the health system. This section considers how countries are PAYING FOR COVID-19 SERVICES. Health financing describes how much is spent on health and the distribution of health spending across different service areas. The section also describes who is covered for COVID-19 testing and treatment, whether there are any notable gaps (in population coverage and service coverage), and how much people pay (if at all) for those services out-of-pocket.

4.1 Health financing

When the State of Emergency was declared, emergency funds were activated for the COVID-19 response. In addition, fundraising activities were carried out by the Government of Armenia and Ministry of Health to involve Diaspora and benevolent funds. Donor coordination with humanitarian partners is carried out by the UN. The Government established the Humanitarian Fund and has announced that it will be used to finance COVID-19 services, including overtime pay for health workers. Special deliveries of essential equipment and supplies have been co-financed from the state budget and a range of private charitable donors. A financial report published on 28 November showed that from March - November, the Ministry of Health had spent over 15 billion AMD (US $ 30.8 million) on the response (www.moh.am/#1/3381).

In April 2020, doctors, nurses and ambulance drivers in Yerevan received bonuses from an account made available by the Yerevan Municipality: 95,000 AMD for doctors, and 75,000 AMD for nurses and drivers. By June 2020, the salary of medical staff treating COVID-19 patients has increased on average by 2-3 times. The salary increase has been allocated from the donation fund. First responders have also received bonuses.

On 10 May 2021 the Ministry of Health reported that from 1 January till 1 May 2021, the Ministry spent 5.6 billion AMD for COVID-19 prevention, control, treatment and other measures.