Policy responses for Azerbaijan - HSRM


Policy responses for Azerbaijan

1.4 Monitoring and surveillance

Active case finding and event-based surveillance for influenza-like illness were activated in early March and any gaps in active case finding and event-based surveillance systems were assessed. The current surveillance strategy is based on the rapid identification and isolation of suspected cases and contact tracing. Surveillance for COVID-19 is conducted jointly by TABIB (Management Union of the Medical Territorial Unions) under the State Mandatory Health Insurance Agency and the Ministry of Health. TABIB is responsible for collecting the information about the new cases, which is being then transmitted to MoH for joint analysis of the cases and situation. Single unified database for COVID-19 has been developed to collect information. The Republican Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology together with TABIB is conducting contact tracing.

Enhanced existing surveillance systems to enable monitoring of COVID-19 transmission. Particularly with establishing active surveillance in areas close to Iranian border and particularly those visited by the two UK cases, and establishing screening protocols for testing of suspected contacts.

A new E-TƏBİB (e-TABIB) mobile phone application has been introduced to keep track of people who may have COVID-19. It is free and available in the Google Play Market and AppStore. A notice will be sent to those who are likely to have been exposed to COVID-19 and they will be invited to conduct a test.