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Policy responses for Belarus

3.2 Managing cases

It is mandatory to report respiratory symptoms (fever over 37.1 ° C, coughing and others) in people returning from countries that are not affected by coronavirus infection within 14 days after returning, indicating the country of departure and date of return. Such patients are tested but not hospitalised.

The Ministry of Health Order No. 615 (dated 5 June 2020) “On providing care for patients with COVID-19 infection” allows for the organization of controlled treatment of patients with COVID-19 infection at home. For more effective treatment of patients with COVID-19 infection on an outpatient basis, the order defines a list of antibacterial drugs that can be prescribed to patients with coronavirus infection during home treatment and should be purchased at the expense of the local budget. Patients treated at home have mild to moderate forms of the disease, including mild pneumonia.