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Bosnia and Herzegovina

Policy responses for Bosnia and Herzegovina

3. Providing health services effectively

The section on PROVIDING HEALTH SERVICES EFFECTIVELY describes approaches for service delivery planning and patient pathways for suspected COVID-19 cases. It also considers efforts by countries to maintain other essential services during periods of excessive demand for health services.

3.1 Planning services

All elective non-urgent procedures have been cancelled. Emergency procedures are also at risk due to scarcity of essential medical supplies.

Initially, there were 5 hospitals designated to deal with COVID-19 patients in FBIH and 1 in RS.

Primary health care perform triage at entrance by using questionnaire based on WHO case definition and if a suspected case arises, the person is directed to hospital for testing.

Telephone consultations are available. COVID-19 phone numbers are widely communicated though media, based on BIH administrative organisation. There is one number in RS, and 10 cantonal numbers in FBIH.