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Policy responses for Croatia

4. Paying for services

Adequate funding for health is important to manage the excess demands on the health system. This section considers how countries are PAYING FOR COVID-19 SERVICES. Health financing describes how much is spent on health and the distribution of health spending across different service areas. The section also describes who is covered for COVID-19 testing and treatment, whether there are any notable gaps (in population coverage and service coverage), and how much people pay (if at all) for those services out-of-pocket.

4.1 Health financing

Additional injections of funds into the health system due to the COVID-19 outbreak were announced on 18 March 2020. The Croatian Health Insurance Fund (CHIF) has distributed additional funds to hospitals. The funding was provided in March in the amount of 400 million kunas (≈ 53.3 million euros). Funding followed the “usual” channels - from State Budget to CHIF to hospitals (https://www.hzzo.hr/bolnicama-za-ozujak-dodatnih-400-milijuna-kuna-zbog-novonastale-epidemioloske-situacije-uzrokovane-covid-10-virusom/).

There is no information about where these additional funds came from. They are intended to be spent on medicines and consumables. There is also no information so far on what expenditures could be reduced to offset additional funds.

So far there are no payment incentives to health workers who look after COVID-19 patients.

The Croatian Health Insurance Fund introduced a new health care payment method to CHIF contractual partners during the COVID-19 outbreak. The new payment method applies to primary care contracting partners as well as contracting partners in outpatient specialised healthcare facilities (source: https://www.hzzo.hr/en/utvrden-nacin-placanja-zdravstvene-zastite-ugovornim-partnerima-hzzo-a-za-vrijeme-trajanja-epidemije-bolesti-covid-19/).

No additional resources were introduced so far to manage capacity constraints. There were only a few cases at the regional / county level, where there was a reallocation of hospital diagnostic capacities or staff. There is no payment change.