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Policy responses for Croatia

4.2 Entitlement and coverage

No one is excluded from COVID-19 related care. There are measures to maintain coverage for people who lose their income due to the resulting economic slowdown.

All COVID-19 related health services are covered, including diagnostics, treatment and sick leave (and for isolation (https://www.hzzo.hr/postupak-predavanja-zahtjeva-za-naknadu-place-osiguranika-koji-se-nalaze-u-izolaciji/) and as occupational disease (https://www.hzzo.hr/hzzo-priznaje-prava-temeljem-profesionalne-bolesti-ako-se-radi-o-zaraznoj-bolesti/).

No one is paying out-of-pocket for COVID-19 related health services. According to Article 19 of the Mandatory Health Insurance Act, the CHIF provides payment of all medical services (https://www.zakon.hr/z/192/Zakon-o-obveznom-zdravstvenom-osiguranju).