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Policy responses for Croatia

5. Governance

5.1 Governance

The GOVERNANCE of the health system with regard to COVID-19 relates to pandemic response plans and the steering of the health system to ensure its continued functioning. It includes emergency response mechanisms, as well as how information is being communicated, and the regulation of health service provision to patients affected by the virus.

A general epidemic response plan was in place before the outbreak. After the outbreak was officially declared on 11 March, the plan was activated.

On the 17 March 2020. the government has proposed laws that empower the National Civil Protection Headquarters to regulate the public sector, economy and everyday life activities.

Even before the first cases of COVID-19 occurred, an Expert Group of the Ministry of Health was set up to address this issue, with the aim of making a plan for preparing the health system for COVID-19 outbreak (the first meeting of the Expert Group of the Ministry of Health was held on 1 February). Initially, the Expert Group had the role of coordinating communication with all stakeholders in the country. After a while, due to the increasing number of infected people and the need for higher level supervision and coordination, a National Civil Protection Headquarters was established together with Local Civil Protection Headquarters.

On 24 February 2020 (the day before the first COVID-19 case was confirmed in Croatia) joint coordination and cooperation between the Civil Protection Headquarter of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was established. Since February 2020 the National Civil Protection Headquarters became the main coordinating body for the COVID-19 response.

No information is available on the fast-tracking of the regulation and licensing of medical devices or aids.

The Croatian Institute of Public Health is the main body regulating the coordination of surveillance, communication and international reporting.