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Policy responses for Estonia

4.2 Entitlement and coverage

Medical care for all people who have an acute illness is considered emergency care, and is funded by the EHIF for both insured and uninsured people.

Testing for COVID-19 is free of charge for all patients if they have a referral from a family doctor. On 13 March, one private clinic initiated testing at EUR 81 per test for those people not fulfilling the free of charge testing criteria. This initiative was suspended on 16 March due to unexpectedly high demand, as well as the country-wide revision of testing criteria which requires mobilization of all public and private testing capacities.

Usual out-of-pocket payments still apply (e.g. patients pay for the transport, unless they are taken to hospital by ambulance; treatment is free of charge for insured people, and emergency care is free of charge for everyone; there is fixed inpatient fee up to EUR 2.50 per day, which excludes intensive care).

On 15 April, the parliament adopted temporary changes in the Social Tax Act and the Health Insurance Act that maintain the health insurance coverage for insured persons who do not pay social tax during the emergency situation (March-May). The amendment potentially influences about 6% of employed people.