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Policy responses for Georgia

2.2 Workforce

Going into the pandemic, although there was a shortage of nurses in the health system, there was a surplus of doctors. The total number of doctors/nurses available is 3345/3245 accordingly. All health care workers who may come into direct contact with COVID-19 patients, have been trained according to the WHO guidelines and protocols: the emergency call protocol; rules for safely putting-on/taking-off personal protective equipment; procedures for the transfer of infected persons; and hand and surface treatment with disinfectant solutions.

A total of 1,844 final-year medical students from various universities have already undergone a one-week training course so they can help epidemiologists in the fight against the coronavirus. The one-week training programme included thematic lectures on coronavirus management (including personal safety of nurses), psychological and social assistance for COVID-19 patients, and tools for identifying contacts of newly infected individuals. Employees of the Public Safety Management Centre were also involved in the training programme. The biggest challenge for the Georgian healthcare system is the lack of inpatient beds and health workforce during the coronavirus pandemic.