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Policy responses for Hungary

3.2 Managing cases

As the number of confirmed coronavirus infections and the number of people requiring hospital care is constantly decreasing, the process for managing cases changed on the 11th of May to the same way it was at the beginning of the epidemic. Specifically, new coronavirus patients with severe conditions should be transported to one of the two priority hospitals, South-Pest Centrum Hospital and National Korányi Pulmonology Institute [2]. These changes have also been implemented to relieve hospitals and gradually restore hospital care.

[2] https://koronavirus.gov.hu/cikkek/jarvany-kezdeti-szakaszan-megszokott-rendhez-visszaterve-ket-kiemelt-korhazba-szallitjak-az

There is a designated telephone helpline for the population and a tele-triage system is available for patient evaluation prior to admission to hospital. This system can also be used to coordinate the arrival of patients to the hospital.

Handbook of Prevention and Therapy of COVID-19 Infections was published by the Ministry of Human Capacities on the 25th of March, that is based on the National Public Health Center procedure.
Hospitals have internal procedures in place to separate suspected cases from other patients (e.g., separate waiting rooms and separate toilets).

Until separating, the patient with respiratory symptoms should wear a surgical face mask.

If a suspected case of a new coronavirus infection is identified, the patient should be isolated immediately. The suspect, probable and confirmed COVID-19 patients should be placed in a well-ventilated separate (single) ward. If no separate ward is available, isolation of the cohort of confirmed COVID-19 patients is possible, but the beds should be at least one meter apart.

While complying with hand hygiene rules, health care professionals should wear a surgical mask for any patient presenting symptoms of respiratory tract infection, whether or not there is a potential for a COVID-19 infection. In the isolation ward or during any treatment involving COVID-19 patient, the healthcare staff should wear the following suitably worn, properly fitted personal protective equipment: surgical face mask or FFP2 respirator, gloves, goggles and protective clothing or overalls and surgical cap [1].

Rationing care for COVID-19 patients has not yet been necessary.

[1] https://www.nnk.gov.hu/index.php/component/content/article/140-koronavirus-tajekoztatok/567-eljarasrend-a-2020-evben-azonositott-uj-koronavirussal-kapcsolatban-2020-03-16?Itemid=135