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Policy responses for Iceland

1.5 Testing

Testing is recommended for individuals who fit any of the following criteria: (1) A person qualified for being a possible case (see category i.in chapter 1.4). (2) A person who fits all of the following criteria: (a) fever =or > than 38,5 C by examination, (b) fever related symptoms, (c) cough, and (d) is not with epidemiological connection like travel or confirmed cases of COVID-19.
Decision to test is always made by a medical doctor. Priority is given to health care personnel and individuals at risk for severe infections.
COVD-19 testing is performed by the Primary Care Centres, usually outside the Primary Care Centres in drive-through manner. Specimens are taken from the nose and throat (Sigma VCM-pin) and examined and diagnosed at one central laboratory at the National University Hospital Department of Microbiology (NUHI). COVID-19 laboratory testing capacity is sufficient. Number of tests per day vary and the results are delivered within 24 hours and information updated daily at 1PM (see www.covid.is ).
On March 13th deCODE genetics, an Icelandic firm, a subsidiary of Amgen (see above) started massive screening for COVID-19 on the basis of voluntary self-referrals in order to identify the spread among the general population in society. Screening is performed on any volunteer regardless his/her health status. Apart from this clinical testing, deCODE genetics started taking samples from the population in different regions of the country as a part of their academic research.

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