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Policy responses for Iceland

3.2 Managing cases

The first point of contact for COVID-19 patients is the primary care centres. The primary care centres have a gate-keeping role in the system: First they steer the flow of visits to the centres, advise patients, and perform the initial testing according to the official guidelines set by the CE and the DoH (see section 1.4 and 1.5) outside the premises or in separate areas inside the centres. Those who test positive are advised to stay at home as long as possible and are referred to the Landspitali ambulatory care unit specialised for COVID-19 patients (see section 2.1) where they are registered and monitored on a daily basis via tele-medicine, phone, video-links, and recently also experimenting other digital platforms such as Sidekick health app. Information about newly diagnosed individuals is provided to the contact-tracing team which is managed by the CE and the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management. In case of intensified symptoms and serious deterioration of health conditions, patients are hospitalized at Landspitali University Hospital in designated units. Further deterioration may lead to transfer to intensive care and/or even use of respiratory ventilator.

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