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Policy responses for Kazakhstan

1.4 Monitoring and surveillance

Definition of probable cases and contacts

According to the Chief State Sanitary Doctor's Decree No. 46 of 27 July 2020, for epidemiological surveillance and investigation, all COVID-19 cases should be classified as following:
- import case (flights, railroads, cars);
- contact case (from the category of close and potential contacts of infected persons);
- local case (unidentified sources of infection)
- identified by screening
- self-referral case

According to Annex 7 to the Decision of the Chief State Sanitary Doctor No. 35 of May 1, 2020, all medical personnel should be regularly monitored for symptoms of disease (diarrhoea, fever, vomiting, jaundice).

Persons who recently arrived to the country and persons under medical supervision at the place of residence, as well as at home quarantine, are obliged to enter information into mobile application about their well-being for remote monitoring.