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Policy responses for Kazakhstan

6. Measures in other sectors

6.1 Measures in other sectors

Many MEASURES IN OTHER SECTORS beyond the immediate scope of the health system are being taken to prevent further spread of the virus. This section contains information on many of these areas, including border and travel restrictions and economic and fiscal measures, among others.

Suspending or restricting international flights

03-Feb-20: Regular air traffic between Kazakhstan and China is suspended.

01-Mar-20: A decision was made starting from 1 March to suspend flights from Iran and limit the number of flights to South Korea from 9 to 3 per week

02-Mar-20: Suspend the Nur-Sultan-Baku flight, limit the number of flights of the Almaty-Baku route from five to one per week, and on the Aktau-Baku route from seven to one per week

01-Apr-20: All regular international flights to the international airports of Nur-Sultan and Almaty are suspended

17-Jun-20: According to the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development, on 20 June 2020, international air traffic from the Republic of Kazakhstan to Turkey, China, South Korea, Thailand, Georgia and Japan was resumed in stages (https://www.zakon.kz/5028687-mezhdunarodnye-reysy-vypolnyayutsya-v.html).

11-Aug-20: Flights from/to the following countries would be allowed:

- From August 17: UAE (11 flights: Almaty - Dubai (6 flights) and Nur-Sultan - Dubai (5 flights);

- From August 18, Germany (5 flights): Nur-Sultan - Frankfurt (5 flights);
- From August 19, Belarus (4 flights): Almaty - Minsk (2 flights) and Nur-Sultan - Minsk (2 flights);

- From August 19, Ukraine (3 flights): Almaty - Kiev (3 flights).

Flights to Egypt are planned to be resumed from September 12 on the route Almaty - Sharm el-Sheikh. From August 27, 2020, restrictions on regular passenger flights between Kazakhstan and Turkey will be removed. The flights should be carried out in line with strict sanitary safety measures in accordance with the resolution of the Chief Sanitary Doctor on transport (https://kursiv.kz/news/obschestvo/2020-08/v-kakie-strany-mozhno-vyletet-iz-kazakhstana).

18-Sep-2020: It was decided to resume international flights from September 21 between Russia and Kazakhstan (Nur-Sultan) on a reciprocal basis (https://www.kazembassy.ru/rus/press_centr/novosti/?cid=0&rid=4219).

Closing international land borders

01-Feb-20: Passenger trains on the routes between the Republic of Kazakhstan and China are suspended

15-Mar-20: For the duration of the state of emergency, entry through the state border is banned for all citizens of Kazakhstan and foreign with some exceptions, including citizens of Kazakhstan who previously left the country – upon their return to Kazakhstan. Suspension of border crossing points between Kazakhstan and Russia for residents

16-Mar-20: Passing is suspended for local residents through the border-crossing points on the Kazakh-Russian state border, with the exception of cases of emergency medical assistance to citizens of the parties to the Agreement.

10-June-20: Kazakhstan opened its borders to individuals and transport vehicles from China and Kyrgyzstan. This is reported in the Decree No. 369 of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated June 10, 2020 On Introduction of Amendments and Addenda to Decree No. 155 of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated March 30, 2020 "On Temporary Closure of Automobile Border Crossing Points at Individual Sites of the State Border of the Republic of Kazakhstan" (https://www.zakon.kz/5027592-kto-mozhet-peresech-granitsu-s-kitaem-i.html).

• Mobility (transport)
There is a prohibition of exit and entry into the territory of regions/cities with declared quarantine, except for employees of life-support organizations of the population, as well as persons leaving and entering for medical reasons, and also exit of persons who were treated in hospitals and under supervision in quarantine and proviso hospitals during the period of quarantine introduction.

Within the framework of the Resolution of the Chief State Sanitary Doctor No. 35 of May 1, 2020, restrictions on personal travel have been introduced within regions, cities, districts and rural areas, except for transport of persons involved in spring field work, nature protection, veterinary, agricultural activities, including beekeeping, when submitting a confirmation certificate of state registration (peasant, farm, limited liability partnership, agriculture).

On 29 May 2020, Deputy Chairman of the Transport Committee of the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development announced that roadblocks will be removed and bus service between cities and car travelling will be resumed (https://liter.kz/avtobusnoe-soobshhenie-mezhdu-gorodami-zapuskayut-v-kazahstane/)

At a meeting of the State Commission, Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Askar Mamin announced that from 5 July 2020, interregional bus service will be suspended. However, trains and air transportation will be working, in line with all sanitary norms (https://forbes.kz/news/2020/07/02/newsid_228633, https://www.inform.kz/ru/avia-i-zheleznodorozhnoe-soobschenie-mezhdu-regionami-sohranyaetsya-v-rk_a3668311).

According to State Sanitary Doctor Decree № 68 issued on 25th December 2020, suburban passenger trains/electric trains are permitted to operate.