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Policy responses for Kyrgyzstan

3. Providing health services effectively

The section on PROVIDING HEALTH SERVICES EFFECTIVELY describes approaches for service delivery planning and patient pathways for suspected COVID-19 cases. It also considers efforts by countries to maintain other essential services during periods of excessive demand for health services.

3.1 Planning services

In Kyrgyzstan 24 hospitals situated in all seven oblasts have been designated for the observation of suspected cases. Confirmed Covid-19 cases will be treated in two designated hospitals: the Republican Clinical Infection Disease hospital in Bishkek and the Osh Oblast hospital.

As per Ministry of Health decree No. 150 issued on 13 March 2020, a list of non-health and health care organizations designated for the response to COVID-19 was endorsed for: i) observation of people without clinical symptoms; ii) patients with confirmed COVID-19

The total number of beds designated for COVID-19 is 850 beds of which 87 are Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds.

As of 21 May there were 649 ventilators in the republic, 479 of them functional, 93 ventilators under repair, and 77 ventilators could not be repaired. In addition, Kyrgyzstan received 8 ventilators as donation. Another 80 ventilators and 25 mobile ventilators will be purchased at the expense of international donors. To date, an agreement has been signed for the purchase of 40 ventilators.

Mobile teams (including a clinician, an epidemiologist, and a driver) were established within the primary care structure to conduct follow-up services for people under home-quarantine (Ministry of Health Order No. 182 of 23 March). Apart from mobile teams, ambulance services partially considered as part of primary care facilities have been assigned a clear algorithm of work, also providing reference transport to designated hospitals.

Currently, as an alternative way of seeing patients, consultations are provided via the telephone helplines of primary care facilities, the Ministry of Health Task Force, and the ambulance services. 

The Ministry of Health has identified a list of maternity departments throughout the country with facilities to be used as observation units for pregnant women with suspected and confirmed COVID-19. The list includes the clinical maternity department No.2 in Bishkek, Issyk-Ata Territorial hospital in Kant, Moskovskaya Territorial hospital in Belovodskoe, the maternity department of Municipal clinical hospital in Osh, the Jalal-Abad center on reproductive health, the maternity department of Talas oblast merged hospital, the maternity department of Naryn oblast merged hospital, the maternity department of Batken oblast merged hospital and the maternity department of Issyk-Kul merged hospital.

An infectious diseases hospital with 60 beds was re-profiled and opened in Alay region of Osh oblast. The hospital is designed to admit COVID-19 patients.