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Policy responses for Kyrgyzstan

3.2 Managing cases

There are hotline numbers for any concerns regarding COVID-19, which include a telephone number (0312 32 32 02), a WhatsApp number (0770 89 55 56) and the Telegram service of the Republican Task Force. Furthermore, phone numbers of designated primary care facilities within each region were widely shared with the public by the Task Force.

According to Ministry of Health Order No. 287 of 4 May 2020, the unified hotline service 118 (call centers) in Bishkek and regions has been introduced for early detection, contact tracing and providing up-to-date information to the population.

According to the press service of the Swiss Embassy in Kyrgyzstan, seven call centres are being launched at Family Medicine Centres in all oblasts of Kyrgyzstan, starting from 11 May to provide remote, timely and qualified medical consultation on prevention of COVID-19 to the population of the country. Call centres operate through the single information number 118. Each call centre has 4 operators: 2 nurses and 2 trained residents, who work 12 hours per day: from 8:00 to 20:00. Call centres have been launched in Chui and Naryn oblast. Within a week, five other call centres will be opened in the other regions to operate throughout the country.As per the current regulations endorsed by the Ministry of Health (which are subject to constant updates) there is a triage system specified by Ministry of Health decree No. 156 of 17 March 2020. As per the current provisions, all confirmed cases (including mild cases) are hospitalized.

There are dedicated national clinical protocols for COVID-19 management, approved by national guidance in March 2020, and updated on 5 April 2020 and 18 June 2020. The Ministry of Health order No.422 dated from 18 June 2020 endorsed several of the clinical protocols for COVID-19, including: i) Diagnostics and treatment of COVID-19 in adults and children; ii) Newborn care during COVID-19; iii) Management of COVID-19 in case of comorbidities; iv) Pulmonary rehabilitation of patients with COVID-19; v) Mental health support during COVID-19; vi) Diagnostics, management and treatment of acute respiratory syndrome, sepsis and septic shock in COVID-19.. The country expressed interest in participating in the international clinical trial “Solidarity” launched by WHO. Organizational arrangements are under way to launch the trial in Kyrgyzstan. 

According to the Ministry of Health data for the period from March to September 2020, the total number of pregnant women with confirmed COVID-19 was 849, whereas maternal mortality associated with COVID-19 was 18 (absolute numbers).

The Ministry of Health has endorsed Order No. 413 of 16 June 2020 on the “Organization of medical care to patients with asymptomatic COVID-19 at home under ambulatory supervision”. The order includes an algorithm of ambulatory care for asymptomatic patients, a check-list for patient observation, and guidance on information, education and communication for patients and care-givers.

On 16 July 2020, after consultations with WHO, Kyrgyzstan combined statistics on coronavirus and community-acquired pneumonia. According to the international classification of diseases ICD-10, adopted by WHO, the coronavirus belongs to class 07, which is used in emergency situations.

The next, 4th, version of the clinical protocol for COVID-19 has been developed and is to be endorsed by Ministry of Health in August 2020.

In 7 months, Kyrgyzstan has received medicines and medical equipment worth KGS 14.6 billion