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Policy responses for Latvia

2.2 Workforce

Ensuring sufficient workforce as well as its capacity, availability and distribution has been a challenge in the Latvian health system even before the outbreak.
To increase or maintain the availability of health workers, overtime working hours are allowed in excess of the maximum overtime hours prescribed by the Labor Law, but not exceeding 60 hours per week for medical practitioners working in the Emergency medical service, in-patient institutions, as well as for epidemiologists working in the CDPC.
The Latvian Physicians' Association together with the Latvian Association of Psychotherapists provide psychological assistance to medical professionals and has set up a free hotline available every business day. Many volunteer students from several Latvian universities have responded to the call to help the doctors fighting COVID-19.
The government introduced bonuses for doctors, health professionals, health workers and pharmacists combating COVID-19 with an additional 20-50% of the monthly salary for the months of March, April and May.