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Policy responses for Latvia

4.2 Entitlement and coverage

State-funded testing on COVID-19 is performed on individuals who have symptoms (cough, high body temperature, dyspnoea without any other explanation for clinical manifestations) and have been abroad for 14 days or have been in close contact with COVID-19 Patient (persons identified by the Center for Disease Prevention and Control as COVID-19 Infectious Patient Contact).

Persons who have returned from abroad or are living in the same household as COVID-19 patients and who have mild symptoms are not screened for COVID-19 at the person's place of residence. These people have the opportunity, by prior arrangement, to access the testing sites by personal transport (from March 23, 2020).
Unless the examination is ordered by a family doctor, state-paid testing is not provided for: 1)close relatives of COVID-19 patients living in the same household and showing signs of mild acute respiratory infections; 2) persons who have returned from foreign countries and who within 14 days after returning to Latvia have developed signs of mild acute respiratory tract and who cannot go to the testing point by their own transport.