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Policy responses for Lithuania

3. Providing health services effectively

The section on PROVIDING HEALTH SERVICES EFFECTIVELY describes approaches for service delivery planning and patient pathways for suspected COVID-19 cases. It also considers efforts by countries to maintain other essential services during periods of excessive demand for health services.

3.1 Planning services

On 29th January it was planned that the suspected 2019-nCoV would be isolated in the six health facilities across the country, which were designated to see COVID-19 patients, and which were considered to be equipped to deal with the infection risk and high dependency (also see section 2.1). As the number of cases has increased in March this was adapted, and patients diagnosed with a mild form of coronavirus infection remained at home if the isolation requirements were met. In hospitals, there are plans to have designated wards and intensive care departments allocated to deal specifically with COVID-19 patients.

Routine consultations with GPs and nurses can be conducted remotely. Medical prescriptions and supplies can also be extended remotely. Disability certificates for quarantine, trauma or illness can also be issued remotely. All decisions on disability, level of working capacity and special needs that expire during quarantine will be automatically renewed throughout the quarantine period and for a further 3 months after the end of quarantine. The same would apply if the decision expires shortly after the quarantine, which means that a decision on disability has been made for 3 months from the date of the end of the quarantine.(1) MEDO platform, run by volunteer medical doctors, was created to answer questions people may have regarding their health. 

1. MOH (14/05/2020) https://koronastop.lrv.lt/lt/naujienos/visi-sprendimai-del-neigalumo-darbingumo-ir-specialiuju-poreikiu-galios-dar-3-menesius-po-karantino-pabaigos 
2. MEDO.lt https://medo.lt/?fbclid=IwAR2XXCA1eDSJxtuN36i9Yi1a39t25UXcCFEhv_z9bQUrJRA2OPrWI8v4Y6I