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Policy responses for Lithuania

4.2 Entitlement and coverage

The National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) covers all necessary COVID-19-related health care services.  These are free of charge at the point of use for people who are covered by the compulsory health insurance scheme (98% of population). On April 21st, MOH announced that COVID-19 related care for foreigners in Lithuania and Lithuanian citizens without compulsory health insurance (typically those living or working on other countries) is fully covered by the NHIF.(1)
Screening has been available only to those who meets case definition criteria. Isolation facilities (e.g. hotels and medical rehabilitation premises) for people unable to self-isolate are provided free of charge.(2)

There have been no changes to user charges in relation to COVID-19. Entitlement for receiving LTC has been expended to allow patients needing nursing service to continue receiving treatment beyond 120 days in public institutions, however the excess days incur user charge (previously, stay beyond 120 days was not allowed unless a patient is in vegetative state).(3)