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Policy responses for Luxembourg

2. Ensuring sufficient physical infrastructure and workforce capacity

ENSURING SUFFICIENT PHYSICAL INFRASTRUCTURE AND WORKFORCE CAPACITY is crucial for dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak, as there may be both a surge in demand and a decreased availability of health workers. The section considers the physical infrastructure available in a country and where there are shortages, it describes any measures being implemented or planned to address them. It also considers the health workforce, including what countries are doing to maintain or enhance capacity, the responsibilities and skill-mix of the workforce, and any initiatives to train or otherwise support health workers.

2.1 Physical infrastructure

Research Luxembourg, a joint initiative of the main players in Luxembourg's public research sector, is mobilising its knowledge and its human and material resources to help address the challenge of Covid-19. A task force has been set up in order to offer the health system the combined expertise available within the Luxembourg public research sector (LIH, LISER, LIST, LNS, University, FNR, under the coordination of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research). Concrete actions have already been put in place. Research institutions have provided the health sector with equipment and specialised personnel.

On March 23, China delivered 100 million protective masks, 150,000 eye protections and 50 ventilators. Also, South- Korea delivered generics to treat 6,000 patients with pneumonia.


On April 18, the national innovation agency, Luxinnovation, has launched the platform www.EPI-COVID19.lu to connect the supply of and demand for personal protective equipment produced and supplied by Luxembourg companies. The platform, which functions like an evolving directory with a secure access for users, aims to collect all information regarding the production and supply of the following personal protective equipment (PPE) including surgical masks and FFP2-type masks, non-certified protective masks, visors, plastic protective screens, aprons and disinfectants.

Information is available about raw materials, finished and semi-finished products, as well as skills and services. In the "Supply" section, self-employed professionals, artisans, SMEs, large enterprises and research institutes will be able to submit and display their offers. In the "Request" section, Luxembourg municipalities, associations, administrations and public institutions, as well as companies and professionals with requests will be able to post their specific needs for personal protective equipment. Companies producing protective equipment will also be able to launch "calls for proposals" in order to inform potential customers of all the parameters of their production capacities. The matching between supply and demand will be managed directly between the partners upon common agreement, outside the platform.