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Policy responses for Luxembourg

2.2 Workforce

Since March 23, the platform www.govjobs.lu has been launched to recruit volunteers, in particular health professionals. Volunteers, medical students or health care workers can sign up through this online portal to support health workers on duty. For regulated health professionals, registration is mandatory. The call also goes out to doctors in the process of specialising, students, retirees and people on leave without pay. This platform also seeks to coordinate the call for volunteers who wish to support health-related efforts (e.g. administrative officers, educators, carers, cleaning agents) and lists the specific needs.

The Ministry of Heath also invited general physicians, medical specialists and dentists to register by e-mail until 31 March in one of the following groups:

Group 1: Medical care in advanced care centres (centres de soins avancés – CSA, see also Section 3.2) and home visits to COVID patients;
Group 2: Medical care by teleconsultation and home visits home visits to non-Covid patients;
Group 3: Medical care and visits to assistance and care facilities for COVID and non-COVID patients;
Group 4: Medical care by teleconsultation by medical specialists;
Group 5: Dental care

Doctors and regulated healthcare professions covered by the Law of 26 March 1992 and exercising their profession on an independent basis may opt, under certain conditions, for a government engagement in the form of a fixed-term employment contract as a government private employee. These are the following healthcare professions: nursing auxiliary, senior assistant, medical technical assistant, nurse, anaesthetist nurse, paediatric nurse, psychiatric nurse, orderly nurse, midwife, social hygiene assistant, chiropodist, social worker, dietician, occupational therapist, laboratory technician, masseur, masseur-physiotherapist, osteopath, speech therapist, orthoptist, curative teacher and psychomotricity reeducator. The same applies to psychotherapists.

In the context of the joint initiative ‘Research Luxembourg’ (see Section 2.1) an important mobilisation of doctors in training as general practitioners has taken place. Many of the future GPs have volunteered to support hospital staff in the four hospital establishments in Luxembourg. To enable this initiative, the Government, with the support of the University of Luxembourg and the doctors involved in this training, has adjusted the relevant regulatory framework and adopted the necessary measures to enable the deployment of these volunteers. Likewise, nurses working in research as well as students in medicine are also being trained to support hospital staff.

Further, the Government recommends that leaves of hospital staff should be cancelled (when possible) if such action becomes necessary in the light of changing circumstances.