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Policy responses for Malta

1.3 Isolation and quarantine

Suspected cases, including those with a recent history of travel to any country or who have had contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19, are obliged to undergo a period of 14 days of mandatory quarantine since the last close contact or the date of arrival from the country from which they had travelled. This period of self-isolation is also extended to household contacts of the index person. Legal Notice 72 of 2020 (CAP.465 of 2012) Enforcement of Directions Related to Quarantine (Amendment) Regulations, places a penalty €3000 (initially set at €1000) for each time quarantine is breached (see key links for direction to legal notices).

For confirmed cases of COVID-19, the location of isolation depends on a risk assessment of the individual’s medical history. If one is relatively healthy and without comorbidities, mandatory quarantine can take place in one’s own home. However, there are medical facilities prepared for the isolation of confirmed cases who may be more vulnerable to developing complications that require medical care. In accordance with LN 98 of 2020 relating to the self-isolation of Diagnosed persons, the penalty imposed on each occasion that isolation is breached is €10,000.

Numerous inspections are being carried out daily by the Police (Administrative Law Enforcement) and the Health Inspectorate (Environmental Health Officers). Breaches of quarantine may be reported on a specific email address. A number of fines have been handed out to persons caught breaking quarantine orders.

A number of measures were introduced to counter the spread of COVID-19 in correctional facilities, police lock-up and detention centres. Through the provision of isolation and medical assistance in the centres for migrants and asylum seekers under mandatory quarantine following a number of clusters in the centre, face-masks and sanitisers were provided to all residents together with information on COVID-19 in various languages.   Arrangements for the care and testing of homeless persons is also in place.  The health ministry has been working with the home affairs ministry and in collaboration with NGOs in this regard (https://newsbook.com.mt/en/new-medical-centre-in-hal-far-to-contain-covid-19-amongst-migrants/).


Legal notices in Malta: http://www.justiceservices.gov.mt/DownloadDocument.aspx?app=lp&itemid=30026&l=1