Policy responses for Republic of Moldova - HSRM

Republic of Moldova

Policy responses for Republic of Moldova

1.3 Isolation and quarantine

From 10 April, suspected COVID-19 cases are isolated at home. All contacts are told to self-isolated at home with self-monitoring (taking their temperature three times per day and monitoring respiratory symptoms) and informing their primary care doctors (MoHLSP order from 26 February 2020). https://msmps.gov.md/sites/default/files/legislatie/ordin_188_covid_19.pdf. Self-isolation at home for 14 days are recommended for all contacts.

Two vulnerable groups (older people with comorbidities suspected of having COVID-19 with mild symptoms and residents in long-term care facilities) receive special attention, with specific procedures for isolation in health care facilities (hospitalization), mandatory daily temperature screening and health status monitoring for all in order to identify primary COVID-19 cases and prevent outbreaks.