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Republic of Moldova

Policy responses for Republic of Moldova

3.2 Managing cases

At the National Agency for Public Health there is a Green Line (080012300) for COVID-19 Q&A or psychological support and a single national emergency call service 112, to request an ambulance.

The first point of contact is the ambulance service and family doctors. In points of entry, border police are responsible for identifying suspected cases (from February the border police started to conduct temperature screening and completion of EPI cards on entry).

At first, suspected COVID-19 cases were transferred by ambulance to one of the designated hospitals, depending on the severity of the clinical manifestation. With community transmission, MoHLSP decided to create additional capacity for triage and case management in the system in Chisinau – a Triage Centre with a capacity of 250 beds took over the triage function from other hospitals to optimise case management. Patients in the Triage Centre are tested and after confirmation are referred to the designated COVID-19 hospitals.

A National Clinical Protocol was developed based on WHO clinical guidelines. Specific clinical case management protocols were developed for severe case management for use by reanimathologists and anaesthesiologists and for home care treatment for use by family doctors https://msmps.gov.md/ro/content/protocoale-si-ghiduri-covid-19. In the National response plan a patient pathway and referral system was designed and each designated hospital described the patient pathway in their institutions.