Policy responses for Monaco - HSRM


Policy responses for Monaco

1.4 Monitoring and surveillance

Given national specificities (including small size of the territory, low number of cases, single hospital, and close and direct links between different stakeholders) surveillance has not presented the same challenges for Monaco as in other countries.

A daily update on the number of cases and their evolution is carried out by the hospital. The most serious cases are hospitalized, and the Home Monitoring Centre is responsible for follow-up with patients who have tested positive but are either asymptomatic or only displaying mild symptoms, and are therefore able to remain at home.

The Principality's two other specialized care establishments (Monaco Cardio-Thoracic Center and the Monégasque Institute of Sports Medicine) have also been able to extend their roles to support the main hospital if required. For example, the Monégasque Institute of Sports Medicine has managed all the hospital's emergency trauma activities during this period.

The Direction of Health Action is responsible for transmitting situation reports to the World Health Organization, in accordance with the agreed procedure.