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Policy responses for Monaco

2. Ensuring sufficient physical infrastructure and workforce capacity

ENSURING SUFFICIENT PHYSICAL INFRASTRUCTURE AND WORKFORCE CAPACITY is crucial for dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak, as there may be both a surge in demand and a decreased availability of health workers. The section considers the physical infrastructure available in a country and where there are shortages, it describes any measures being implemented or planned to address them. It also considers the health workforce, including what countries are doing to maintain or enhance capacity, the responsibilities and skill-mix of the workforce, and any initiatives to train or otherwise support health workers.

2.1 Physical infrastructure

Monaco's situation in terms of infrastructure differs from that of other countries in that it has a single public hospital with sufficient equipment, staff and operating budget.

Moreover, it was possible to rapidly provide hospital staff and private health professionals with protective equipment (FFP2 and surgical masks, gowns, protective glasses, gloves, alcohol-based disinfectant products, and other items) thanks to large orders placed by the State.

Two special units reserved for COVID-positive patients have been set up within the hospital in order to limit the risks of contamination as much as possible.