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Policy responses for Netherlands

4.2 Entitlement and coverage

In principle, medically necessary care is available for all persons who need this in the Netherlands. COVID-19 services are covered by the Health Insurance Act, although patients have to pay the mandatory deductible (as in normal medical specialist care) when admitted to the hospital. No other out-of-pocket expenditure is applicable.

There is a need for more sheltered places for homeless people (https://nos.nl/artikel/2328371-leger-des-heils-wil-aandacht-voor-daklozen-in-tijden-van-corona.html).

Undocumented migrants can receive care from hospitals that have a special contract with the Ministry of Health. In emergency cases they will be admitted to the closest hospital where beds are available. Undocumented migrants have to pay for the care out-of-pocket, but hospitals are compensated by the government when costs cannot be recovered from the migrants. This is similar to non-COVID-19 related care.

As stated in section 3.2, rehabilitative care for COVID-19 patients is now covered in the basic benefits package.

In the Netherlands, health insurers may offer policies that only partially cover care provided by providers that do not have a contract with the health insurer of the patient. For 2020 and 2021, health insurers have agreed to cover care delivered by all hospitals, regardless of having a contract or not.