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North Macedonia

Policy responses for North Macedonia

4.2 Entitlement and coverage

According to current legislation everybody in North Macedonia is entitled to all COVID-19 related health care services, including testing and treatment. Testing and treatment of migrants is covered by the International Organization for Migration, while for asylum seekers it is partially covered by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.

There are no user charges related to COVID-19 in the publicly financed system. The user charges are covered by the Ministry of Health programme on exemptions from user charges. The only COVID-19 related out-of-pocket payments are the self-referred laboratory tests performed by private providers.

As of 29 May, the Government adopted a decree which regulates the possibility of prescribing and issuing drugs without a prescription form and with the possibility for electronic prescribing of drugs from the approved list of drugs for six months after the termination of the state of emergency. These amendments also provide for the exemption from co-insurance of insured persons in the use of health services related to the diagnosis and treatment of coronavirus, also valid retroactively from 26 February 2020.

The Decree also provides for the right to treatment for COVID-19 of the citizens of the neighbouring countries with which the Republic of Northern Macedonia has not concluded or undertaken a Social Insurance Agreement and are diagnosed on the territory of the Republic of Northern Macedonia.