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Policy responses for Romania

4.2 Entitlement and coverage


All expenses incurred by the COVID-19 related care are covered either by national health insurance funds or the Ministry of Health for everybody, irrespective of the residence or insurance status. Coverage of care in times of epidemics is included in the minimum benefit package for uninsured persons. Services are free of charge at the point of use. Free tests are available only via physician recommendation, for those who meet the criteria for priority testing. Tests may also be performed at individual request, in which case they are paid out of pocket, but the referred persons have priority for testing. Free treatment is available for all. There are no user fees for any COVID-19 patients. Suspected cases are provided quarantine services or isolation assistance for those unable to manage by themselves.

A new inclusion criterion was added to the reimbursable pharmaceutical lists: treatment of infectious diseases which can cause epidemics/pandemics. This will allow new molecules (i.e. remdesivir) to be included on the list of reimbursed drugs. Social care is also provided for those in need.