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San Marino

Policy responses for San Marino

1.2 Physical distancing

As of 15 May, sport activities are allowed outdoors, in public places, and in private and public facilities, but individuals must maintain social physical distancing. The use of changing room/showers is not permitted.

As stated in the decrees issued on February 23rd, March 14th and April 17th:
• All events (cultural, sport, etc) both outdoor and indoor, are suspended
• All schools and universities are closed, but lessons can continue online
• All museums, libraries, theatres and cinemas are closed
• Residents should avoid leaving and entering the territory of San Marino with the exception of proven necessity related to work, health, or to return to their place of residence
• Any gathering of people in parks, squares and public gardens is forbidden. The violation of this provision is punished with a fine of EUR 500 -  2 000, in addition to criminal proceedings

Please see “Transition measures: physical distancing” for further updates