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San Marino

Policy responses for San Marino

1.3 Isolation and quarantine

Isolation at home is required in the following cases:
• People who have been in close contact with patients who tested positive for COVID-19
• Suspicious case, i.e., person with acute respiratory infection (sudden onset of at least one of the following symptoms: fever> 38°C, cough, dyspnoea), which may or may not require hospitalization and that in the 20 days preceding the onset of symptoms has met at least 1 of the following conditions:
o travel or residency stories in China or in countries identified as Red Zone areas, including Italian Red Zone areas;
o close contact with confirmed case of COVID-19;
o has worked or attended a health facility where patients have been hospitalized with COVID-19
• Probable case, i.e., a suspected case whose COVID 19 test result is doubtful or inconclusive using specific real time PCR protocols or is positive using a PAN-Coronavirus test.
• Case confirmed with symptoms that does not require hospitalization.
Dedicated healthcare personnel follow up by phone every day to check for eventual complications.
Patients with a confirmed COVID-19 infection and individuals under quarantine must remain at home. The violation of this provision is punished with a fine of EUR 500 -  2 000, in addition to criminal proceedings.

Repubblica di San Marino. Piano di gestione pazienti con sintomatologia respiratoria sospetta/accertata Covid 19. Documento operativo 27 Febbraio 2020.