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San Marino

Policy responses for San Marino

1.5 Testing

The Republic of San Marino is aiming to carry out serological screenings and molecular swabs, in the event of a positive IgG or IgM result, for the whole population (33 000 inhabitants). 

In case of a positive outcome of the IgM or IgG, home quarantine is applied. The citizen of San Marino who must undertake the molecular swab following positivity detected by the serological test, will have to pay for the cost of the swab (Eur 100). 

• Tests are requested by primary care doctors and specialists. Recently (since April 6) swabs are also performed on asymptomatic individuals and individuals with few symptoms.
• Test can be carried out in hospital (hospitalized patients) or at the patient's home performed by a healthcare professional.
• The swabs were initially analyzed only by laboratories in Italy. Currently (from April 6), San Marino’s laboratory is able to perform blood tests for the detection of IgM and IgG and PCR analysis. Some swabs are sent to Italian laboratories. The results are received after 24/48 hours.