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San Marino

Policy responses for San Marino

2.2 Workforce

The Covid-19 outbreak has put a strain on the health workforce capacity in San Marino. Doctors and nurses in the emergency department were trained in ICU and some doctors are specialized in infectious diseases, pneumology, emato-oncology, cardiovascular, diabetology, and neurology. A response team has been organized to respond to Covid-19: doctors, nurses and other professionals have now been trained to offer respiratory support and pneumonia/SARI care. All the health care workers have been retrained to use PPE properly.
Rapid recruitment procedures for newly graduated nurses have been organized.
Roles and responsibilities are delineated in ISS organisational documents and the Health Emergency Group, composed of a Special commissioner who is its coordinator, the Director General of ISS, the Director of Civil Protection and the Director of the Health Authority, develops specific reorientations.
Several hotlines offer psychosocial health support for citizens and health workers.

A law decree on May 3 stated that in order to grant some ISS personnel some rest in preparation for a potential second wave of COVID, all non-essential workers are allowed to present a request for a leave of absence, which will be evaluated based on the trends of infections and the process of reopening.