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Policy responses for San Marino

5. Governance

5.1 Governance

The GOVERNANCE of the health system with regard to COVID-19 relates to pandemic response plans and the steering of the health system to ensure its continued functioning. It includes emergency response mechanisms, as well as how information is being communicated, and the regulation of health service provision to patients affected by the virus.

Update 23 April:

A decree published on April 17 updated the services that are allowed to operate during the COVID-19 pandemic: 

-Retail and craft businesses, while remaining closed to the public, can operate via telephone and / or online sales methods

- Repair of phones, cell phones, tablets, computers, electrical and electronic equipment is allowed, also for private individuals

-Construction, shipbuilding, maintenance activities of buildings, gardens and/or green areas are allowed to be carried out inside or outside uninhabited private premises. Public construction sites are excluded from this provision 

- Services rendered by car tire repairers and car repairers are permitted (mechanic / electrician etc)

Update 5th June:

- The law decree of May 31 stated that retail, industrial, artisanal and productive activities are allowed also inside large structures and shopping centers

Pandemic response
San Marino has a national public health emergency preparedness and response plan that can address respiratory diseases including novel coronaviruses. The Emergency Operation Center (EOC)/Incident Management Structure (IMS) is located at the ISS. The Health Emergency Group includes the Special Commissioner, the Director General of ISS, the Director of the Health Authority and the Director of Civil Protection that also organizes the police. With regards to operations, the Minister of Health, as well as the Ministers of the Interior, of the Territory and of Foreign Affairs are involved. Public health laws related to infectious diseases (e.g., quarantine, restriction of movement) are applied.

Legislation is in place to deal with the COVID-19 emergency and available at http://www.iss.sm/on-line/home/aggiornamenti-coronavirus/articolo49013968.html