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Policy responses for Slovakia

1.3 Isolation and quarantine

Quarantine of identified cases is compulsory. Self-isolation lasts at least 14 days. Samples for viral RNA detection shall be taken at least 24 hours apart. A patient healed from COVID-19 must remain in quarantine for another two weeks and it must be tested negative twice before declared fully recovered. Failure to comply with the mandatory quarantine may be subject to a fine of up to € 1659.

Measures for close-contact persons:
• Quarantine for 14 days since last contact with COVID-19 positive case
• Daily monitoring of typical COVID-19 symptoms
• Restriction of social contacts
• Travel restriction
• Self-isolation or hospitalization
• School and work restrictions
• If any symptoms occur, an immediate reporting over the phone to the practitioner and to the regional hygienist is necessary

Mandatory quarantine of 10 days continues to apply to all persons arriving in Slovakia from so-called “red countries” which are declared by the epidemiological team as dangerous. As of September 1, if a red country is a EU member state, travelers are not required to have a RT-PCR test, unless they have COVID-19 symptoms. If a red country is a non-EU member, the RT-PCR test is compulsory. However, some groups of people and professions do not have to go to the state quarantine when entering the territory of the Slovak Republic and do not have to prove themselves with a negative test for COVID-19 (e.g. freight workers – pilots, drivers, rail transporters, drivers and crews of medical services, healthcare professionals and carers, funeral-service workers, persons with diplomatic privilege, pregnant women, oncology patients, mental health patients, persons with further diseases, persons older than 75 years, etc.). They also do not have to report their entry to Slovakia to their doctor.

Quarantine can take place either in a state-owned institution, or in home-isolation, as long as the mobile eKaranténa application is used throughout the quarantine period. For both options, all other measures and restrictions are the same.

The Prime minister announced on June 9, 2020, that the next day, Slovakia will open its borders with 16 countries. Besides the Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria, with which Slovakia opened borders early June, it will be possible to travel to Slovakia without any restrictions from Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, the Baltic countries, Norway, Denmark and Iceland. For other countries, aforementioned measures are still in place and active. Furthermore, on August 18, 2020, the MoH published a list of countries, or counties within countries that it does not regard safe and does not recommend to visit (see : http://www.minv.sk/?tlacove-spravy&sprava=koronavirus).

It is not mandatory to have a quarantine after arrival from these countries, but it is highly recommended.
From September 1st, there is a ban on entry into Hungary for a month (based on a decision of Hungarian government). Transit is possible, commuters allow entry only for 24 hours up to a distance of 30 km from the border. Citizens of the Slovak Republic may enter the territory of Hungary if:
• they prove that they have a reservation for accommodation in the territory of Hungary for at least one night by 30 September at the latest and that the reservation was made before the entry into force of a Hungarian government regulation (ie before September 1, 2020),
• within 5 days prior to arrival, they will undergo testing and prove by confirmation in Hungarian or English that no SARS-CoV-2 virus was present in their body at the time of the examination.

eKaranténa conditions:
Persons arriving in Slovakia can opt for home quarantine, providing they install and verify the mobile application (running on all platforms) that will monitor their location and randomly request facial recognition. The application was put in practice, after several delays, on 23 May. As of 31 May, it had 5 400 users. All information are stored only in the device with the highest security measures. General conditions to use eKaranténa are as follows:
1. a smartphone with camera, geo location and SIM card functional in Slovakia
2. a sufficiently charged smartphone at all times
3. non-stop Wi-Fi connection or sufficient mobile data,
4. sufficient mobile signal at chosen place of home quarantine,
5. persons in the same household must also go through home quarantine,
6. a notification of the person travelling from the state border about the obligation to protect himself with a valveless FFP2 / KN95 mask,
7. a mandatory COVID-19 test on the 5th day after entering the territory of the Slovak Republic.

Ministry of Health (2020) COVID-19 People should consider travelling to these risky regions (COVID-19: Ľudia by mali zvážiť cesty do niektorých rizikových regiónov) [Online] Available at: https://www.health.gov.sk/Clanok?covid-19-18-08-2020-regiony-rizikove