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Policy responses for Slovakia

2.2 Workforce

Operating measures of the health care institution (HCI) are:
• Preparation of the pandemic plan and operational measures and procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic;
• Crew personnel of emergency ambulances are trained by an infectologist on sample collecting;
• Additional personnel are trained to be able to operate ventilators;
• monitoring information, guidelines, decisions and instructions of the Public Health Authority of the Slovak Republic, the relevant regional public health authorities, guidelines and measures of the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic or other state institutions.

The Prime Minister announced on  August, 14, 2020, that all personnel who were in the first line contact with COVID-19, will be given a bonus. The budget was set to 50 mil. EUR and it should cover all nurses, doctors, epidemiologists, but also firefighters and the police force. Details of the bonus are yet to be decided and announced.

Hospodárske Noviny (2020) Matovič zmenil názor. Odmeny pre pracovníkov v prvej línií dostanú aj lekári (Matovic changed his minds. Bonuses for first line employees will be given to doctors also). [Online] Available at: https://slovensko.hnonline.sk/2196733-matovic-zmenil-nazor-odmeny-pre-pracovnikov-v-prvej-linii-dostanu-aj-lekari