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Policy responses for Spain

1.3 Isolation and quarantine

Since May 15, and while the “state of alarm” is ongoing, travellers from other countries will remain quarantined for fourteen days. They will only be allowed to leave their lodging (e.g. hotels, home, etc.) to buy first need products, visit healthcare centres or force majeure; in any of those cases, they will have to wear a face mask. Cross-border workers, drivers and public transport crews, as well as healthcare personnel with no record of exposure to COVID-19 patients, are exempt from this limitation (Order SND/403/2020 https://boe.es/diario_boe/txt.php?id=BOE-A-2020-4932).

23 January: Surveillance and monitoring mechanisms to detect cases coming from China were activated. All suspicious cases were isolated upon arrival to Spain and potential contacts investigated. 

25 February: People with mild symptoms that would have been visiting high risk areas or in contact with people infected from those areas (China, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, Iran and Italy) were confined for 2 weeks and potential contacts further investigated. 

28 February: cases (possible or confirmed COVID-19) with mild symptoms are requested to stay at home in self-isolation and are followed up by a home care team, via telephone but with home visits or immediate hospitalization if needed (Home care for patients with COVID-19: https://www.mscbs.gob.es/profesionales/saludPublica/ccayes/alertasActual/nCov-China/documentos/Manejo_domiciliario_de_COVID-19.pdf).

Sentences, fines and imprisonments are part of the punishment if individuals do not comply with the regulations established by the state of alarm, which started in the country March 14 (see Section 1.2). While the state of alarm does not detail specific punishments for those not following the self-isolation and quarantine recommendations, the regulation of the state of alarm foresees the application of the sectoral laws, and hence, it is understood that the 2011 General Law of Public Health (Law 33/2011 of 4 october) would be applied regarding crimes against public health (https://www.boe.es/buscar/act.php?id=BOE-A-2011-15623).