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Policy responses for Sweden

1.2 Physical distancing

From June 15th, the Public Health Agency’s recommendation on distance education is removed. This means that students in upper secondary school can return to the school premises during the summer and autumn. For adult education, vocational college and higher education, education may need to be given in part at distance to reduce the spread of infection. This is to follow the Public Health Agency’s general recommendations on keeping distance and avoiding greater public gatherings.

Since February, there have been regular press briefings with the message to keep personal distance. On March 10th, the Public Health Agency of Sweden urges everyone with respiratory symptoms to stay home no matter where they have been. Then on March 11th, the Government prohibits all public gatherings with over 500 people, this is then changed to gatherings of a maximum of 50 people (on March 27th) and is being enforced.

From March 14th, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against unnecessary travel to all countries. Then on March 19th, the Public Health Agency advises against domestic travel. Moreover, at the request of the European Council and the Commission, the Government decides to prohibit unnecessary trips to Sweden.

From March 16th, the Public Health Agency urges everyone over 70 years old to avoid social contact as much as possible. The Agency also urges everyone that can work from home to do so. Then the following day, high schools, Folk High Schools and universities are urged to teach at a distance, but elementary schools are kept open.

As of March 25th, only table service is allowed in restaurants and bars (no drinking or ordering at the bar). Furthermore, visitors are banned in residential care homes for older people from March 30th.

Ease of restriction announced on 29th May - Public Health Agency’s recommendation on distance education is removed starting June 15th.

Ease of domestic travel restriction from 13th June. Before it was recommended that one should avoid unnecessary domestic travel and not travel for more than two hours.