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Policy responses for Switzerland

3.2 Managing cases

In the early stages of the epidemic, suspected individuals were referred to hospitals. Recommendations on how to manage COVID-19 are continuously adapted and updated according to new evidence (https://www.swissnoso.ch/). Testing may vary from canton to canton. As a general rule, individuals with no symptoms are not tested. A national 24-hour telephone hotline is available to provide recommendations on how to behave in case of symptoms (no medical advice).

The FOPH recommends that if individuals experience one of the mild symptoms associated with COVID-19, they have to self-isolate at home, and to avoid any contact with other people as much as possible, and do not have to contact a doctor. Individuals who are at high risk of becoming seriously ill, or if symptoms are getting worse are advised to call their primary care doctor.

Certain medicinal products may be used in the treatment of coronavirus patients without being licensed by the Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products (Swissmedic). The prerequisite is that the medicinal products contain an active pharmaceutical ingredient listed in the relevant Ordinance, and that a licence application has been submitted to the Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products Swissmedic.

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