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Policy responses for Turkey

5. Governance

5.1 Governance

The GOVERNANCE of the health system with regard to COVID-19 relates to pandemic response plans and the steering of the health system to ensure its continued functioning. It includes emergency response mechanisms, as well as how information is being communicated, and the regulation of health service provision to patients affected by the virus.

Turkey has a pandemic plan for influenza prepared in 2019 by MoH (https://grip.gov.tr/depo/saglik-calisanlari/ulusal_pandemi_plani.pdf)

The MoH has led the national response to COVID-19 together with Ministry of Interior on related topics. Pandemic boards were established to strengthen COVID-19 response at the local level. The boards are led by governors from all cities, to take additional precautions, wherever necessary.
New regulations were put in place to accelerate the production of special medical devices such as ventilators in order to cover the possible needs related with COVID-19 outbreak. Similarly, licensing process for producing sanitizers were accelerated.
Surveillance, communications and testing have been coordinated by the MoH, public hospitals, university hospitals, private hospitals, provincial health directorates, primary health care facilities such as family health centers and district health directorates. International reporting has been provided by MoH only.