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Policy responses for Uzbekistan

1.3 Isolation and quarantine

20-Apr-20: Quarantine restrictions are eased in areas, districts and cities in which no cases of coronavirus or epidemiological conditions were detected.

As of June 2020, the country has been divided into zones to indicate the level of permitted movement: red, yellow and green. In the green zone, cars can move freely without special permits and more businesses are allowed to reopen. (https://eurasianet.org/dashboard-coronavirus-in-eurasia)

11-Feb-20: Government organized enhanced screening at airports and the repatriation of Uzbek citizens from Wuhan and Beijing.

1-Mar-20: Any passengers arriving with charter flights from affected countries will be placed in mandatory 14-day quarantine in specified quarantine centres (See Section 2.1, Physical Infrastructure).

6-Mar-20: Persons arriving from Category 1A countries (China, South Korea, Iran, Italy, Afghanistan, Japan) are placed directly in quarantine for a 14-day period. (Exceptions are official/government delegations, holders of service/diplomatic passports, pilots/crew members of aircraft, locomotive crews, persons engaged in transportation).

Quarantine measures in Uzbekistan have been prolonged until August 1, reported Fergana News on June 14. (https://eurasianet.org/dashboard-coronavirus-in-eurasia)

The number of people held in guarded quarantine sites has averaged 20,000-25,000, with 1,000 people leaving or joining each day. Fergana News reported on June 8 on the camp outside Tashkent, where shipping containers were converted into quarantine units for those returning from abroad. (https://eurasianet.org/dashboard-coronavirus-in-eurasia)