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Policy responses for Uzbekistan

1.5 Testing

11-Feb-20: Procurement of laboratory regents for PCR testing for COVID-19 under Pandemic Influenza Preparedness (PIP) (USD $20,000) initiated.

06-Apr-20: Testing strategy: all symptomatic cases, contacts and those under quarantine are being actively tested. Testing kits are being provided by WHO, the Russian Federation and China. The website of the Ministry of Health includes a section where the population can conduct a test to assess their need for testing.

06-Apr-20: WHO Country Office has translated the training materials on “Laboratory testing for suspected human infection with a new coronavirus” into Russian and Uzbek. The presentations are intended for laboratory technicians working in diagnostics of COVID-19.

13-Apr-20: Technical lab discussion led by WHO to identify needs of the laboratory and agree on further procurement

17-Apr-20: Body temperature of each citizen visiting public places will be measured, and when it is 37 C and above, these citizens are not allowed to enter these complexes

19 SES laboratories are conducting PCR tests. Daily testing capacity is 12,000 tests per day.