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Policy responses for Uzbekistan

3.2 Managing cases

Mar-20: Technical Assistance: WHO Country Office supports the Ministry of Health in the development of the new national guidelines on operational COVID-19 protocols. These measures will cover risk communication, common courses for healthcare/non-healthcare workers, prevention and infection control, self-isolation, home care and hospital case management, amongst other issues.

06-Apr-20: WHO Country Office provided assistance to the Ministry of Health with the Uzbek translation of training materials and presentations on COVID-19 IPC, clinical treatment of acute respiratory viral infections, and clinical innovations on COVID-19. The WHO Country Office, jointly with the Ministry of Health, has updated the national guideline on COVID-19, translated into Uzbek. 10,000 copies of the Uzbek version of the guideline have been printed and are ready for distribution throughout the country. The WHO Country Office is also supporting the Ministry of Health with the development of training materials on general approaches on co-morbidity of COVID-19 and non-communicable diseases management, as well as mental health.

Hospitals will no longer admit patients with the coronavirus who are asymptomatic or only exhibit mild symptoms, Fergana News reported on June 17 (https://eurasianet.org/dashboard-coronavirus-in-eurasia)